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Addons For Raiding Empty Addons For Raiding

Post by Redrum on Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:01 am

These are some Essential addons that we expect everyone to have regardless of class and spec:

1. Deadly boss mods
2. Recount/ Skada
3. GTFO  (This one might be up for discussion. But if you dont think you need it, we assume that you will never take damage from standing in "fire".)
4. Exorcus raid tools

Optional Addons:

1. Class specific addons. E.g Mage Nugget, Boomkinator, Bitten's SpellFlash, ShockandAwe and so on.
2. We don't wipe
3. Omen Threat Meter (Should this be Essential?)

Please come with suggestions to both essential and optional addons. But we should try and keep the essentials to a minimum.

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