Expectations of our raiders

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Expectations of our raiders Empty Expectations of our raiders

Post by Bojay on Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:21 pm

1. Come prepared for raid, make sure you remember food and flasks. At 19.30 we should be ready to start the raid. Invites will start at 19.15.

2. When you sign up for raid make sure you show so 9 or more ppl dont stand there waiting and having to cancel raid. We are not freaks that dont understand if you have a reason not to show, but in worst case you cant make it please tell one of the officers ahead of the raid. I really dont want to hear it 5 minutes before raid I want a good heads up. Officers are Redrum, Bojay, Satanas, Lirel and Zanden. We will make a thread on the forum called "Wont make it" where you post your pathetic excuse so we can laugh about it Razz

3. Refer to point 1, coming prepared ALSO includes on progress raids that you read up on guides on the bosses that are relevant.

4. Refer to point 1 and 3, coming prepared allso includes having the addons needed for raiding, such as Deadlybossmods or Bigwigs and other stuff that helps you not die a wretched death.

5. Raid days are as of now, Tuesday 19.30, Thursday 19.30 and Sunday 18.00 server time. We will always push for progress but we will allso focus on farm content as long as it is needed.

6. We are currently using loot council and it is working fine. When raid leader links a loot item in chat make sure that if u need it you roll on it and we will decide between the rollers on who gets it. Decisions on who gets what is based on current item upgrade and how much loot you have gotten in previous raids. Healers and tanks get some more loot since its needed for progress raid. But it all depends on the drop and who needs.

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