The officers and our roles

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The officers and our roles Empty The officers and our roles

Post by Bojay on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:55 pm

Cuntus Maximus: I deal with the everyday planning and raid preparations, allso make sure people are up to pair in regards of gear and skill level. If there is a issue in regards of any player or whatever please reach out to me. I make sure this guild is running dandy and doing my best to keep our players happy.
Satanas has the job of making sure the melee dps is on target and doing their best in raids. So if you want to improve as a player and you are struggling a bit just contact him to help you out.
Redrum has the same job as Satanas only he is taking care of the ranged dps. If either of these take contact with you after a raid dont be alarmed they will only help you improve as a player.
Lirel has the job as our raid leader, he makes sure our raiders are doing what they are supposed to do in our raids. LISTEN to him.
Ben aka Zanden is healing guru. He keeps the healers in check during raids and makes sure that they are performing at 100%. So healers use him to improve.
Rhinzor is a councilor, he helps us analyze the data after raids to see where we can improve and is a great asset to us. If you want to learn more in depth about your class w him to help you out.

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