What happens when u dont show up for raid

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What happens when u dont show up for raid Empty What happens when u dont show up for raid

Post by Bojay on Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:22 pm

So for some who has been wondering what will happen when u dont show for raid when you have signed this is the thread to read.

If you have signed for the raid and do not show up without warning any of the officers, the next raid you show up for you can guarantee no loot. When signing we plan on who to bring and how to set up the raid. So by not showing you disappoint the whole raiding group and we might be in a situation where we have to wait an hour or more before being able to raid. SO no loot for fuckers who dont show up, and if you think that is unfair, eat a bun.
So for this option I have decided that if you sign as tentative on raid or DONT sign for raids you will be the last person to pick for that upcoming raid even if you are online. So make sure you use the tentative option as little as possible. Use it when you have good reason.

Other events like Karazhan etc:
So when you sign for weekend events and the groups are small and you show your group the respect of not showing up. Im gonna make sure you dont get signed up for the next run when you screw 4 other people over.
If you think I am being harsh here, think of what it meens when not showing up and have a raid group or a smaller group waiting having to cancel. It is only FAIR.

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