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Alts and raiding Empty Alts and raiding

Post by Bojay on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:19 pm

I am making this thread so there are no misunderstandings in regards of this topic.
We encourage everyone to level alts and dedicate time to them. As we progress in raids there are certain fights that might require us to bring in alts to deal with certain mechanics in the fight which require compositional changes. So we might, from time to time, ask for you to bring them into the raid for progression purposes. This does not mean we will use this as your new main or whatever. There might also be occasions where we have to make changes to the raid compositon to progress. Playing on an alt also helps with understanding other classes and other roles, so we would encourage everyone to play an alt if they enjoy it.

If you have wishes in regards of changing main, plan this ahead with the officers and we can give you some insight in regards to what we need for upcoming raids etc. We need communication on this subject so there are no misunderstandings. Don't ask other players in the game, tell the officers so we can see if its needed or if its healthy for the progress raid group. We want everyone to have a toon they enjoy playing on and enjoy the content that blizz is giving us.

I would also recommend that you don't have too many alts, focus on 2 if possible, its easier to keep the gear level high, and the artifact power grind is much more tolerable. 7.1.5 will make this easier but its still a lot of work to maintain multiple alts. I would like you to contact us if you have an alt that is geared and which you believe can be useful in raids. But know this: The healing/dps needs to be on pair with what the dungeon requires, this means that you must have both the skill on the alt to play it, and the gear to meet the standard required.

In general we would prefer that people play the character that they have defined as their main for the majority of raiding.

I hope this is clear and informative enough.
Best regards,

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